Tuesday, February 7, 2012

22 Weeks

22 weeks:

Everything is coming along so suddenly now that I feel like I am not documenting how monumental Alice is. She will do something amazing and by the end of the week I will be writing about something else amazing she did just because it is more recent. Even with all the progressions and milestones she is blazing through, what speaks so loudly to me right now are the quiet moments her and I have. The times when she falls asleep in my arms nursing, or how she flashes a huge smile of recognition when she is looking around and catches my eye. Sometimes she looks at me like I am the funnest, most beautiful, sweetest person ever. It absolutely kills me and I don't want to forget that. We have been transitioning her from sleeping in our bed to her crib (which we have moved along side our bed) and I have found myself really trying to memorize how she feels in my arms as I am rocking her to sleep, or how she looks while she is snuggled along side me when we nurse in the night. I know these days are so short and soon she will be a kid whose legs dangle past my knees when I pick her up to hug her. I mean, she is 26" long already! That is 7" in the past 5 months!

Things she has done recently: still walking like a champ, stays sitting up, reaching for things with speed and accuracy, grabbing things- it is like walking around with a roll of velcro, pinching, oh the pinching! grabbing her knees and feet, when her legs are tired from standing she bends to sit on her bottom, tracks things with her eyes, turns towards sounds, squeals with gusto, arches her back and looks at the world upside down, rocks back and forth when in her Bumbo chair, loves her Johnny jump Up- spins and walks around in it, grabs our mouths every chance she gets, pets Tim's beard, pets my soft sweaters, pets my hand as she is falling asleep.

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