Wednesday, February 15, 2012

23 weeks

23 weeks:

Well, the toes have found their way into her mouth. As a matter of fact, their first moment together was captured here for these photos! She was grabbing her toes and posing but then realized that she had not yet tasted them. She is very clearly at the stage of, 'What is that? I'd better put it in my mouth. Huh. What is that? Well, I think I should put it in my mouth again.' She also is waving and perhaps it is my imagination, but she seems to realize that it is a gesture used for greeting. She will catch my eye and them flip her hand up at me, but when I try to get her to repeat it later after we have been interacting for a while she looks at me funny. Oh, speaking of funny! Alice totally played her first game with me yesterday! Naturally it was a nap time diversion (the first of many, I am sure) when she was in my arms leaning against my chest and sucking on my pinkie. She was almost out and I clearly forgot who I was dealing with. When Alice is falling asleep there can be no engaging noises lest she becomes distracted and thinks it is no longer sleeping time. Engaging noises include me talking softly, coughing, human noises from outside her room, cat noises from outside her room, etc. Thankfully engaging noises no longer include street traffic, of which there is much. We do have a white noise machine and it really helps, but still Alice is veeeery aware of well, everything. She knows when I have packages delivered while she is napping because she notices the boxes. She realizes when I change my sweater. She even busted Tim picking his nose one time. Anyway, her game. She was almost out and my mind had wandered a bit and super quietly I cleared my throat. Her head instantly popped up to look at me full in the face-her eyes sleepy but alert and realizing that it was me still holding her, broke into a dreamy grin and cooed. I kissed her on the cheek quick as lightning and her smile multiplied, she gave a squeaky giggle and then buried her face back into my sweater, found my pinkie and relaxed her body again. Her mind though, was still thinking about what had just happened because 2 seconds later she shot her head back up to look at me again with that same dreamy smile. So I kissed her other cheek and she giggled and ducked her head back down to nuzzle my sweater and find my pinkie again. It happened like 15 times or so before she literally got tired of it and fell asleep. So cute.

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