Wednesday, February 29, 2012

25 Weeks

25 Weeks (the love affair with her feet continues):

I was drinking out of a glass the other day and Alice put her arms out, fingers spread as if I offered her drinks from my glass everyday. Just for the hell of it, I held it out for her thinking she would lick the outside of it or something but she brought the rim right down to her mouth and leaned her mouth into it! I couldn't believe she knew exactly what to do. Obviously she was surprised when the water went into her mouth but other than that, she was ready to be signed up as an authorized cup drinker. Since she can't really hold anything consistently we compromised and decided to try straw drinking instead, which she is equally enthusiastic about. Alice has also begun making a new noise. It is like a regular baby noise, the kind they make when they are perfectly happy and just talking to themselves except Alice draws out the 'ehhhhhh' and sounds just like a sheep. It is hysterical. It started by accident 2 days ago, but she remembered it and has been bleating ever since. She is also laughing so much now and we spend most of our time finding new things that are funny and repeating them. She loves being tossed up into the air, laying sideways in my arms and having her belly kissed and then her cheeks when she curls up, having Tim slowly drop his hand slowly down over her and then suddenly tickle, tickle, tickle her belly, and she absolutely loves playing hide and seek type games with my mom. I'll be holding her and my mom will hide behind me and pop up in different places around my shoulders, neck or sides and Alice anticipates where she is going to be and just laughs when she is wrong and gets surprised. We were also playing hide and seek around the corner and both her and my mom get the biggest grins on their faces when they spot each other. Alice is going to be so bored when her grandma goes home on Friday, poor girl(s).

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