Wednesday, March 28, 2012

29 weeks

29 Weeks:

Alice is suddenly becoming quite independent. While she is still not rolling over for whatever reason, she is sitting up like a champ. We have marathon play sessions where she will sit up (unassisted) for nearly an hour, leaning to and fro to grab various toys and counter balancing with her legs and arms. I will sit nearby and read to her (we are currently reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which she of course should read and will next delve into a beautiful book of fairytales and fables from Grimm, Aesop, and Anderson that was a very thoughtful birthday gift) or we will listen to music and I guard the perimeter to make sure she does not fall over in such a way that she clunks her noggin on the hardwood floor rather than the padded blankets I set around her. You can tell she really loves being able to sit up and get things she wants for herself whenever the desire arises instead of having to wait for me to figure it out. All these new balancing techniques she is experiencing have really effected her past trick of standing and walking. If you hold her arms up now and try to get her to go she moves her hips about like she is an Elvis impersonator and then rocks up and down on her toes before she starts walking. It is the funniest thing. She also likes standing on our laps. Tim or I will lay on our back and put her straddling the smallest part of our waist and she will bop up and down until she is high enough to be standing up on her own and hang out there as long as she can with the biggest smile on her face in pure triumph.

We have also been plowing ahead with solids. Alice's favorite foods so far are apples, pears, and bananas and she has tried them mixed with all sorts of things-some homemade and some from those pouches they have now instead of glass jars. Those things are so great as they travel well and are made with organic fruits and veggies. Alice really digs the pouch as well. After watching me squirt food out of the spout a few times she began reaching for the pouch and I jokingly put the spout in her mouth and squirted the food directly in. The next day she wanted to do that again but this time she started sucking it out! I can't believe how smart she is. She is also drinking out of a sippy cup if we hold it for her. All this from a kid who hasn't really ever had a bottle. It is amazing how quickly she picks things up. I may just have to watch my mouth before too long just to insure her first word isn't a swear one....

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

28 weeks

28 weeks:

We had some visitors this week. Tim's sister Sheri and her two girls, Taylor and Jamie (10 and 8) came up to New York for a few days. It was absolutely amazing to have them here! Alice adored seeing the girls again and was peeking around the corners in our apartment expecting them to pop out after they left which was so cute, but really just broke my heart a little bit. I know our time up here is ticking away as we all long to be closer to the people we call home. For me, it was so nice to be out of the routine Alice and I have gotten into. I guess I should call it a rut then, right? Every few days Alice is capable of something completely new and different and sometimes I need to be reminded that she will pleasantly surprise me if I throw her a curve ball now and then. She needs to explore and grow, but as the person who carts her around sometimes I just want to feel on top of things for a few days before I am confident enough to go further and for longer. In New York, we don't have a car so every fit and episode is completely public and at least an hours public transport and walk away from home. And let me tell you, after her first few months of colic or gas or whatever the hell that was- I am fully aware of how loud, furious, and unrelenting Alice can be. But when Sheri and the girls were here I pushed her and with one exception she was absolutely fabulous! We breastfed in public, she got her first restroom diaper change (my 8 year old niece had to clue me in to where the changing station was... in the handicapped stall apparently), we were away from home in strange and loud places for 7 hours straight, she took all her naps happily strapped to the front of me in the wrap. We saw the St. Patricks Day parade even and she was fine. I was/am so proud of her and all the strange new things she scoffed at.

BUT THEN... I decided to take her on her first stroller ride as she is getting bigger and it is getting hotter and the reality of our situation is that I sweat like a man and this summer is going to be hot so there is no freaking way I am carting around a 17 lb. heater strapped to my chest all season long. I kid you not, Alice has not been in a stroller yet and she is 6 and a half months old. Every time I have left this apartment she has been strapped to the front of me, even though I am usually carrying 8 bags of groceries 15 blocks back from the store. New York, geez. I love you, but you're breaking my back. Anyway, I popped her into the stroller and she must have had car seat flashbacks or something because it was like I was strapping her in with barbed wire! She calmed down a bit once we got moving though and actually made it about 4 blocks before having what can only be described as a complete shitfit. She wouldn't even bend her arms at the elbows when I was trying, completely beaten, to pick her up out of the stroller and carry her back home. It makes me laugh a little bit in retrospect because I learned something really important that day: Everyone wants to talk to you when your child is having a meltdown. I had dudes lined up to sympathize. Seriously, I haven't talked to strangers that much since well, Saint Patricks Day actually but they were all drunk (?). It had been a long time before that. Perhaps we should just get out more. We can handle it.

But when we are in, nice things happen too.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

27 weeks

27 weeks:

You know how when a lizard gets into a jam, say a cat has it caught under a paw or something-but the lizard gets away because it shed it's tail and the cat became distracted because the tail kept moving even though it was no longer attached to the lizards' body? When Alice is sleeping, like completely checked out, her fingers keep on going like that lizards tail. So much so that I have to be careful what could possibly be in their path before I put her down. She has become completely finger-sleep-immeresed in touching the ties on a blanket she is laying upon for 20 minutes. My own hands and fingers have to duck and dodge her digits as I put her to sleep. Heaven forbid her hands find their counterparts. It is like trying to chaperone ten 13 year-old girls at a sleepover! 'Thumb, quit poking pinkie! Ring, put down that bowl of warm water, I know what you are up to! Pointer! Go. To. Sleep." You can try and pull them apart and it works just long enough for you to relax, but as soon as you think you have her hands beat she'll spring them back together again and they'll pick up right where they were interrupted.. half way to discovering something just interesting enough to wake up her head.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen....

...Just a glimpse into Tim's head. (You'll recognize the photo from last week.)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

6 Months!

26 weeks (sheesh, this kid):

Thanks to a Leap Year, Alice's 6 month birthday just happens to fall on her 26th week photo Wednesday! Just in case you are wondering (yet still captivated 26 weeks later) what/why all these photos and updates I'll go ahead and clue you in. I knew it would all go very quickly. I knew I would be tired. I knew I would forget so many beautiful things that I wanted to remember and re-experience, but I also knew there was really no way I could ever be trusted to fill out a baby book. Even with all the above, I know myself well enough to know I wouldn't be dedicated enough to write things down just so I could read them when Alice was all grown up. So, under the guise of keeping our families tuned in with photos, videos and stories I have been keeping accounts of so many amazing things and it all kind of came together with the weekly photos I had been taking. When Alice was born (on a Wednesday) I decided to take a photo of her every week in her colorful cloth diaper and on bold graphic backgrounds so I could see just when and how much she is changing. Anyway, I am going to try to keep it up for a year and then get the whole thing printed and bound so I can give it to her as her baby book. I am so happy and so very shocked to suddenly be halfway there!

We have been playing mad scientist with pureeing baby food around here the past few days. I mixed up a batch of dried apricots softened in apple juice and then pureed and let Alice have a taste off the end of the spatula as I was putting it in the storage containers. Holy Cow she loved it! She took one lick and quick as lightning shot her two little hands out, grabbed the spatula and my hand and shoved the entire mix into her mouth. Within 5 seconds it was everywhere, all over, and sticky. I come from a family who love apricots (and have over-indulged once or twice myself) so I will definitely be using a light hand when feeding her those. Other than apricots, Alice is crazy about her little yellow rubber duck. Bless him, he came on the top of a cupcake, is made in China and not BPA free I am sure, but that little guy is her very best friend. He fits perfectly in her hand (and mouth) and is just the right color yellow. I can hear her anywhere in the apartment bopping him on the table or squeaking him on her poor, sore, teething gums. If babies dream, I am certain she dreams about hanging out with him. Alice is also crazy, crazy in love with Tim. When I give her to him in the mornings she is so excited they get to hang out. Lately we have all been having breakfast together and Alice will reach her warm little paw out and touch his arm when they are next to each other at the table. And when he gets home from work in the evenings I hear the front door open, tell her that her Papa is home, make a wolf howling noise and she immediately starts looking around for him! When he comes into view she just beams, then buries her face in my sweater and peeks back out at him. It is so cute. I mean, she is obviously adorable, but it is pretty cute to see Tim turning into a puddle of jelly as well. It is a sweet little life. Happy half birthday Alice, we are settling in just fine.