Wednesday, March 14, 2012

27 weeks

27 weeks:

You know how when a lizard gets into a jam, say a cat has it caught under a paw or something-but the lizard gets away because it shed it's tail and the cat became distracted because the tail kept moving even though it was no longer attached to the lizards' body? When Alice is sleeping, like completely checked out, her fingers keep on going like that lizards tail. So much so that I have to be careful what could possibly be in their path before I put her down. She has become completely finger-sleep-immeresed in touching the ties on a blanket she is laying upon for 20 minutes. My own hands and fingers have to duck and dodge her digits as I put her to sleep. Heaven forbid her hands find their counterparts. It is like trying to chaperone ten 13 year-old girls at a sleepover! 'Thumb, quit poking pinkie! Ring, put down that bowl of warm water, I know what you are up to! Pointer! Go. To. Sleep." You can try and pull them apart and it works just long enough for you to relax, but as soon as you think you have her hands beat she'll spring them back together again and they'll pick up right where they were interrupted.. half way to discovering something just interesting enough to wake up her head.

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