Wednesday, March 28, 2012

29 weeks

29 Weeks:

Alice is suddenly becoming quite independent. While she is still not rolling over for whatever reason, she is sitting up like a champ. We have marathon play sessions where she will sit up (unassisted) for nearly an hour, leaning to and fro to grab various toys and counter balancing with her legs and arms. I will sit nearby and read to her (we are currently reading Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, which she of course should read and will next delve into a beautiful book of fairytales and fables from Grimm, Aesop, and Anderson that was a very thoughtful birthday gift) or we will listen to music and I guard the perimeter to make sure she does not fall over in such a way that she clunks her noggin on the hardwood floor rather than the padded blankets I set around her. You can tell she really loves being able to sit up and get things she wants for herself whenever the desire arises instead of having to wait for me to figure it out. All these new balancing techniques she is experiencing have really effected her past trick of standing and walking. If you hold her arms up now and try to get her to go she moves her hips about like she is an Elvis impersonator and then rocks up and down on her toes before she starts walking. It is the funniest thing. She also likes standing on our laps. Tim or I will lay on our back and put her straddling the smallest part of our waist and she will bop up and down until she is high enough to be standing up on her own and hang out there as long as she can with the biggest smile on her face in pure triumph.

We have also been plowing ahead with solids. Alice's favorite foods so far are apples, pears, and bananas and she has tried them mixed with all sorts of things-some homemade and some from those pouches they have now instead of glass jars. Those things are so great as they travel well and are made with organic fruits and veggies. Alice really digs the pouch as well. After watching me squirt food out of the spout a few times she began reaching for the pouch and I jokingly put the spout in her mouth and squirted the food directly in. The next day she wanted to do that again but this time she started sucking it out! I can't believe how smart she is. She is also drinking out of a sippy cup if we hold it for her. All this from a kid who hasn't really ever had a bottle. It is amazing how quickly she picks things up. I may just have to watch my mouth before too long just to insure her first word isn't a swear one....

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