Wednesday, April 25, 2012

33 Weeks

33 Weeks: 

This kid, let me tell you. We are beginning to see more and more personality emerge as Alice gets older, more coordinated, and more confident in herself and her surroundings. I actually think we may have a bit of a thrill seeker on our hands. Both Tim and I have begun noticing how delighted she becomes when she is surprised. If you pop out from around a corner and boing at her, she squeals with glee. She loves feeling the wind in her hair now (it is growing, you know) and circles her arms and legs around with happiness whenever it blows. And most obviously, when her and I are playing the baby version of Airplane-where I lay on my back with my knees up in the air and place her sitting across the tops of my feet and bounce her up and down to some silly song or another- she has begun putting her hands up over her head as if she were on a roller coaster! It began with her laying along my shins, then she was sitting up but gripping onto my pants, then she was sitting up with her hands circling around for balance (I am loosely holding onto her feet by the way, so she doesn't teeter off one way or the other), and then she was grinning ear to ear and squeaking with her arms held up over her head and having a good old time! The kicker is that she gets really pissed off when I stop and 'kicks' me until I start again. Another favorite game is being tossed up into the air and caught and she also loves being swung around in what we call 'monkey swings'. I hold her on either side of her rib cage and swing her body like a pendulum from side to side while she spreads her arms and legs out like a starfish. She is also, nearly always up for a game of pretend dropping where I am holding her to my chest and I'll squat down suddenly without any warning and gasp. That game turns her frowns upside down in a jiffy. As tired as I am at the end of each day, what with all this freaking exercise, I can only imagine how much more full my hands are going to be once she begins walking! I may never rest again. 

She? She is a girl after all.

Playing with bubbles (and admiring papa's sock choice).

Brushing those long, luxurious locks 1000x a day!

Some more beautiful photos my sister took. 

Alice making one hell of an oatmeal mess. 

Clearly, this is the only way to entertain a fussy baby.

Alice is playing with a sound machine we use to help drown out the traffic outside our apartment. We usually use a waterfall type of continuous sound but we were playing around with the others one day when she woke up from a nap. Every single time I turned on the 'heartbeat' sound she would smile sweetly (and still does). Babies, geez so cute, right?

The Inspector has some musical talent, no?

She is so docile and delicate.

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