Saturday, May 26, 2012

On Vacation

The next two weekly updates will be posted together because Tim, Alice and I are going on a beach vacation! 
Look at this little beach bunny! 

Just a quick catch up: 

We have been swinging in the park a lot and despite Alice's expression in these photos she is a swing enthusiast I promise. She especially likes when you reach in the swing and tickle her as she comes towards you. Shrieks of glee!

 This is one of her new faces. 

 And we went to Jersey to visit my grandparents! Alice was a perfect angel and we will be telling everyone how perfect she was for decades to come. 
 Here she is playing with the leopard that my grandfather brought home for my grandmother when my father was born. He grew up with it and I remember playing with this guy when I was a kid too. Alice dug him!

 See? Angel I tell you, perfect angel. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

37 weeks

 37 weeks:

Alice began really crawling today. She has been going backwards for a few weeks now and in order to unstick her transmission and get her going forwards I did something I did not think I would ever do. I used bait. Alice loves lots of things but some of her most beloved items hold that top place in her heart because she is so rarely allowed to have them. #1 is the remote control. #2 magazines-which she can effectively rip, rumple, and tear beyond recognition in mere seconds. I am more lenient about my magazines once I am through reading them, so to be fair she does get a healthy dose of 'reading' completed most days (and today gave Cameron Diaz the what for when I handed her my latest InStyle). Her enthusiasm seems to increase with the randomness of her rewarded interactions with these two items, so she is pretty much always on the lookout and Tim and I have to be super fast (or at least faster than a speeding baby) to prevent any exploratory thumbing of these items from my darling daughter. 

Today however, after watching Alice back up and around everything for the thousandth time I decided that compromises needed to be made. I gave her a taste of my InStyle. Just a good crinkle, a quick gum, a tiny rip of the magazine-pages barely tuned, content quickly absorbed. Then, god help me, I took it away. Away from my baby. And she was pissed. But then I offered it back to her from a bit farther away. At first she tried reaching, and then in a misguided attempt to go forwards she backed up, got even more pissed and tried laying out and stretching for all she was worth to get her tiny little hands on my magazine. She didn't even put The Inspector out first to test the waters, she was relying on the middle fingers excellent posture to get her what she so desperately wanted. But it didn't work. The magazine stayed where it was because Alice had a full on melt down and had to be consoled, fed, napped, changed, and then given a second chance with a better payoff in order to charge ahead. The remote was dangled in front of her and then placed several feet away. I don't know if it was the lure of of hundreds of channels, or just the colorful buttons but when she saw that remote was up for grabs something clicked and she began going for it! And by that I mean as slow as molasses in January, but going nonetheless. And forward! 

In other news: 

 This is Alice's high chair. Of all the places for Scraps to nap....

 And the under the table view

 After bath Alice

Short sleeved PJs- she was rustling her feet all around to celebrate their freedom. Viva la summer!

This is Alice when she thinks I am not watching. 

Full steam ahead!

Alice got a hold of my video camera and actually managed to press the record button. This is Alice Vision: it is like being manhandled by a really big baby. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

36 weeks

36 weeks:

Oh wow, Alice has lost her little baby mind. She has finally put 2 and 2 together and is rolling all over the place, but because she was already sitting, crawling backwards, kneeling, reaching, grabbing, and is comfortable standing that 2 and 2 equals way more than 4. She is so delighted that now she can really get herself going the way she wants to be going that she is doing it in her sleep. I mean that quite literally, she will be dead asleep and out of the blue roll over, hop up on her hands and knees and start blundering around the crib. Just when I thought our sleep had gotten just about as ridiculous as it could get I am suddenly having to put someone back to sleep who is already asleep and has merely been hijacked by their own bodily enthusiasm. She also talks in her sleep and huffs, sighs, and groans when she rolls over and re-situates as if she is a moody teenager already. During the day though she has developed into a really delightful person. Some of her new skills include blowing air though her lips, blowing raspberries on any part of me that is near her mouth when she is in the mood, taking stroller rides without having car seat flashbacks-which is awesome for me because all she has done in the past week is eat eat eat and I swear she has gained at least a pound, and she has begun to say MA, MA! She also took her first forward crawling steps the other day. It was really something to see because you could tell that she really really wanted to go forward and was working it all out in her head and down to her hands and knees how to do it. What was so enticing as to suddenly reverse someones only direction? You guessed it! Pablo. Poor guy really has it coming. 

Also in this week:

It's an Elmer Fudd sunhat. 

And her striped sunhat while meeting Franklin the pig at our local hardware store. They also have a parrot that Tim has tried teaching to say, 'Want to get nailed?'

Alice is wearing Maria's giant sunhat when we picnic'd in the park on Saturday. 

Our park picnic. 

Crawling Mougli-style like The Jungle Book. 

Her expression clearly says, "CAUGHT!!" I just can't quite figure out at what. 

Long flowing hair

Playing gently with long blades of grass in Prospect Park

Blowing on her fingers

Shadow eating

 Dear god, what if there were two of them!

 And then this! 
Step 1

 Step 2

And Step 3! Pulling up on Mama's legs!

Oh yeah, and here is what Alice would look like wearing lipstick. Really smeared lipstick, and you can tell she doesn't think it is even remotely funny. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

35 Weeks

35 weeks:

We had a surprising photo shoot this week. After several sleepless nights and days filled with moans, grumps and groans (solely from Alice I assure you-har, har) I was prepared to have a complete scream-induced set. And almost did because as soon as I laid Alice out on her fabric she began to frown but perked right up the minute she saw my camera! What a ham. I should remember this-which I am sure I  would if my mind hadn't already begun to eat itself in a misguided effort to regenerate. But I digress...

Moans and groans aside, Alice has been pretty tight-lipped this past week. One of her new things is what we call her Purse. Lips together, tightly locked and slightly out. Just like an actual purse, Alice's Purse can really make or break a look. Combined with her expressive eyebrows the Purse gives us looks such as, Oh My God What Was That Sound?, Please Kind Madam, May I Have Some More Mozzarella?, And Yikes, You Are Weird. I Really Hope That Is Not Genetic (note: it totally is). The Purse also really completes her Sheesh, Mamma look. The one that makes makes me do silly things and try harder; the one that begins with her This Is Bullshit face (also genetic), but cracks ever so slowly and gains momentum as it turns into a sneak of a smile and then a full on grin complete with bright shining blue eyes and those gums that just won't ever finish growing teeth. 

 The Inspector counting bubbles. 

 This child! Up on her hands and knees. She has also begun doing the Hokey Pokey with that right leg until it is out in a kickstand. 

 Alice can effectively get from an indian style sitting position to a kneeling position and back again. It is  a breath holding series of maneuvers to behold and if I could put up 20 minutes of video I assure you I would. She starts out cross legged and moves into side saddle, then she leans waaaay forward and works her other leg underneath her until she is on her knees and hands. Then she gets distracted and spins all around and kicks her legs like she is swimming. Then she gets back up on her knees and puts out her kickstand and (eventually) works that kickstand back around while pushing back with her arms until she is sidesaddle again and from there she sits up and puts on her Don't Act Like You Are Not Impressed purse and waits for you to applaud and possibly reward her with mozzarella. 

Warm weather = the wearing of diaper covers. Just when I thought her diapers could not get any cuter, it turns out you just have to accessorize. 

This is such a charming perspective. 

And success. Also, keep an eye out for the Purse, there are abundant sightings in these two clips. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

34 Weeks

34 weeks: 

As vertical as Alice has loved being since the moment she was born, I am not the least bit surprised to discover she seems to be developing an 'interpretive crawl'. By now she is such an A+ sitter that she does fancy moves such as the One Cheek Only-where she leans really far to one side to grab something and has to splay bother her legs out in one direction to stay upright, The Side Saddle-where she begins by sitting indian style, but works one knee up and her foot under until that leg is curved around her backside, and now, The 360! She takes The Side Saddle and spins it around in a full circle. All three of the aforementioned moves have been eclipsed by what I can see is the very beginning of The Booty Scooch. This girl is one minute away from being fully mobile, and I have already had to relocate some plants because of it. All I can say is look out Pablo, she is coming for you. If I had Pablo's best interests (or best naps) at heart I would put some sort of bell on Alice so he could hear her coming. But she may have her own alert system developing in tandem with her new scooch: The Kissing Noise. Baby girl has started to mimic kissing noises! I couldn't have taught her this if I tried. 


The 360. Combined with banging toys together. 

 This is how you bundle up a baby when it is chilly on the back porch, but that baby likes to gesture wildly with her hands. 

 Probably the finest Church Hat ever. And it squeaks. 

 Good thing these books are only moderately organized. I think they'll be the first casualties of someone we will soon be referring to as Malice...

Yes, this plant has been moved. 

 What- all the professionals play this way. 

Move over big brother, you are hogging the couch!