Wednesday, May 2, 2012

34 Weeks

34 weeks: 

As vertical as Alice has loved being since the moment she was born, I am not the least bit surprised to discover she seems to be developing an 'interpretive crawl'. By now she is such an A+ sitter that she does fancy moves such as the One Cheek Only-where she leans really far to one side to grab something and has to splay bother her legs out in one direction to stay upright, The Side Saddle-where she begins by sitting indian style, but works one knee up and her foot under until that leg is curved around her backside, and now, The 360! She takes The Side Saddle and spins it around in a full circle. All three of the aforementioned moves have been eclipsed by what I can see is the very beginning of The Booty Scooch. This girl is one minute away from being fully mobile, and I have already had to relocate some plants because of it. All I can say is look out Pablo, she is coming for you. If I had Pablo's best interests (or best naps) at heart I would put some sort of bell on Alice so he could hear her coming. But she may have her own alert system developing in tandem with her new scooch: The Kissing Noise. Baby girl has started to mimic kissing noises! I couldn't have taught her this if I tried. 


The 360. Combined with banging toys together. 

 This is how you bundle up a baby when it is chilly on the back porch, but that baby likes to gesture wildly with her hands. 

 Probably the finest Church Hat ever. And it squeaks. 

 Good thing these books are only moderately organized. I think they'll be the first casualties of someone we will soon be referring to as Malice...

Yes, this plant has been moved. 

 What- all the professionals play this way. 

Move over big brother, you are hogging the couch!

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