Wednesday, May 9, 2012

35 Weeks

35 weeks:

We had a surprising photo shoot this week. After several sleepless nights and days filled with moans, grumps and groans (solely from Alice I assure you-har, har) I was prepared to have a complete scream-induced set. And almost did because as soon as I laid Alice out on her fabric she began to frown but perked right up the minute she saw my camera! What a ham. I should remember this-which I am sure I  would if my mind hadn't already begun to eat itself in a misguided effort to regenerate. But I digress...

Moans and groans aside, Alice has been pretty tight-lipped this past week. One of her new things is what we call her Purse. Lips together, tightly locked and slightly out. Just like an actual purse, Alice's Purse can really make or break a look. Combined with her expressive eyebrows the Purse gives us looks such as, Oh My God What Was That Sound?, Please Kind Madam, May I Have Some More Mozzarella?, And Yikes, You Are Weird. I Really Hope That Is Not Genetic (note: it totally is). The Purse also really completes her Sheesh, Mamma look. The one that makes makes me do silly things and try harder; the one that begins with her This Is Bullshit face (also genetic), but cracks ever so slowly and gains momentum as it turns into a sneak of a smile and then a full on grin complete with bright shining blue eyes and those gums that just won't ever finish growing teeth. 

 The Inspector counting bubbles. 

 This child! Up on her hands and knees. She has also begun doing the Hokey Pokey with that right leg until it is out in a kickstand. 

 Alice can effectively get from an indian style sitting position to a kneeling position and back again. It is  a breath holding series of maneuvers to behold and if I could put up 20 minutes of video I assure you I would. She starts out cross legged and moves into side saddle, then she leans waaaay forward and works her other leg underneath her until she is on her knees and hands. Then she gets distracted and spins all around and kicks her legs like she is swimming. Then she gets back up on her knees and puts out her kickstand and (eventually) works that kickstand back around while pushing back with her arms until she is sidesaddle again and from there she sits up and puts on her Don't Act Like You Are Not Impressed purse and waits for you to applaud and possibly reward her with mozzarella. 

Warm weather = the wearing of diaper covers. Just when I thought her diapers could not get any cuter, it turns out you just have to accessorize. 

This is such a charming perspective. 

And success. Also, keep an eye out for the Purse, there are abundant sightings in these two clips. 

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