Wednesday, May 16, 2012

36 weeks

36 weeks:

Oh wow, Alice has lost her little baby mind. She has finally put 2 and 2 together and is rolling all over the place, but because she was already sitting, crawling backwards, kneeling, reaching, grabbing, and is comfortable standing that 2 and 2 equals way more than 4. She is so delighted that now she can really get herself going the way she wants to be going that she is doing it in her sleep. I mean that quite literally, she will be dead asleep and out of the blue roll over, hop up on her hands and knees and start blundering around the crib. Just when I thought our sleep had gotten just about as ridiculous as it could get I am suddenly having to put someone back to sleep who is already asleep and has merely been hijacked by their own bodily enthusiasm. She also talks in her sleep and huffs, sighs, and groans when she rolls over and re-situates as if she is a moody teenager already. During the day though she has developed into a really delightful person. Some of her new skills include blowing air though her lips, blowing raspberries on any part of me that is near her mouth when she is in the mood, taking stroller rides without having car seat flashbacks-which is awesome for me because all she has done in the past week is eat eat eat and I swear she has gained at least a pound, and she has begun to say MA, MA! She also took her first forward crawling steps the other day. It was really something to see because you could tell that she really really wanted to go forward and was working it all out in her head and down to her hands and knees how to do it. What was so enticing as to suddenly reverse someones only direction? You guessed it! Pablo. Poor guy really has it coming. 

Also in this week:

It's an Elmer Fudd sunhat. 

And her striped sunhat while meeting Franklin the pig at our local hardware store. They also have a parrot that Tim has tried teaching to say, 'Want to get nailed?'

Alice is wearing Maria's giant sunhat when we picnic'd in the park on Saturday. 

Our park picnic. 

Crawling Mougli-style like The Jungle Book. 

Her expression clearly says, "CAUGHT!!" I just can't quite figure out at what. 

Long flowing hair

Playing gently with long blades of grass in Prospect Park

Blowing on her fingers

Shadow eating

 Dear god, what if there were two of them!

 And then this! 
Step 1

 Step 2

And Step 3! Pulling up on Mama's legs!

Oh yeah, and here is what Alice would look like wearing lipstick. Really smeared lipstick, and you can tell she doesn't think it is even remotely funny. 

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