Wednesday, May 23, 2012

37 weeks

 37 weeks:

Alice began really crawling today. She has been going backwards for a few weeks now and in order to unstick her transmission and get her going forwards I did something I did not think I would ever do. I used bait. Alice loves lots of things but some of her most beloved items hold that top place in her heart because she is so rarely allowed to have them. #1 is the remote control. #2 magazines-which she can effectively rip, rumple, and tear beyond recognition in mere seconds. I am more lenient about my magazines once I am through reading them, so to be fair she does get a healthy dose of 'reading' completed most days (and today gave Cameron Diaz the what for when I handed her my latest InStyle). Her enthusiasm seems to increase with the randomness of her rewarded interactions with these two items, so she is pretty much always on the lookout and Tim and I have to be super fast (or at least faster than a speeding baby) to prevent any exploratory thumbing of these items from my darling daughter. 

Today however, after watching Alice back up and around everything for the thousandth time I decided that compromises needed to be made. I gave her a taste of my InStyle. Just a good crinkle, a quick gum, a tiny rip of the magazine-pages barely tuned, content quickly absorbed. Then, god help me, I took it away. Away from my baby. And she was pissed. But then I offered it back to her from a bit farther away. At first she tried reaching, and then in a misguided attempt to go forwards she backed up, got even more pissed and tried laying out and stretching for all she was worth to get her tiny little hands on my magazine. She didn't even put The Inspector out first to test the waters, she was relying on the middle fingers excellent posture to get her what she so desperately wanted. But it didn't work. The magazine stayed where it was because Alice had a full on melt down and had to be consoled, fed, napped, changed, and then given a second chance with a better payoff in order to charge ahead. The remote was dangled in front of her and then placed several feet away. I don't know if it was the lure of of hundreds of channels, or just the colorful buttons but when she saw that remote was up for grabs something clicked and she began going for it! And by that I mean as slow as molasses in January, but going nonetheless. And forward! 

In other news: 

 This is Alice's high chair. Of all the places for Scraps to nap....

 And the under the table view

 After bath Alice

Short sleeved PJs- she was rustling her feet all around to celebrate their freedom. Viva la summer!

This is Alice when she thinks I am not watching. 

Full steam ahead!

Alice got a hold of my video camera and actually managed to press the record button. This is Alice Vision: it is like being manhandled by a really big baby. 

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