Saturday, May 26, 2012

On Vacation

The next two weekly updates will be posted together because Tim, Alice and I are going on a beach vacation! 
Look at this little beach bunny! 

Just a quick catch up: 

We have been swinging in the park a lot and despite Alice's expression in these photos she is a swing enthusiast I promise. She especially likes when you reach in the swing and tickle her as she comes towards you. Shrieks of glee!

 This is one of her new faces. 

 And we went to Jersey to visit my grandparents! Alice was a perfect angel and we will be telling everyone how perfect she was for decades to come. 
 Here she is playing with the leopard that my grandfather brought home for my grandmother when my father was born. He grew up with it and I remember playing with this guy when I was a kid too. Alice dug him!

 See? Angel I tell you, perfect angel. 

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