Sunday, June 10, 2012

38 Weeks and a Vacation

38 Weeks:

We changed the photo format this week from laying on the back to sitting. The reason? This:

I suspect this is will be a permanent change (well, until Alice is walking). Anyway, our trip. Alice began crawling 4 days before we left for the beaches of NC and I was super excited to see how quickly she would really get going. The house we rented with our friends had carpeting (we are hard wood here) and I thought that would help give her that added oomph she needed to find her stride. What I didn't expect was the speed bumps we would run into along the way. I suppose it began with the flight down there. I should have known something was up when Alice was inexplicably, a perfect flier. I mean 5 gold stars, absolutely flawless flight behavior! AND we had one of those loud, scary flight attendants. Seriously, it was as if Ozzy Osbourne were a tranny performing a one-woman show in Las Vegas loosely based on the life and times of a long-term flight attendant. Don't get me wrong, she was sweet and she loooved Alice, but there was blue eye shadow, tire track eye liner and long red nails and when you are a baby that is a LOT to deal with when it comes at ya. At one point Alice was sleeping like an angel and the flight attendant actually choose that moment to make her way back to us and start chatting me up about the baby. Alice woke up, simply gave her a dreamy smile while I used my quietest voice ever to signal to the lady that thanks for your interest, but now just isn't the time to have a conversation and then Alice went right back to sleep as soon as she left! When we landed everyone around us told us how wonderful she was-smiles all around. I was flabbergasted. But once we got to the beach house (in front of like, 10 of Tim's family members) Alice just went apeshit. Screaming, that high pitched ouchy kind of screaming, purple face and to top it off- a complete refusal to nurse for about 8 hours. She finally went to sleep and I had to sneak back in the bedroom and trick her into nursing (a necessity since I had not brought my pump) when she was in light sleep and her instincts took over. But when she woke up a few hours later (long nap? My third clue) she felt hot. To cut a long story short, we had a trip to Urgent Care and Alice had an ear infection which we treated with Amoxicillin since we had a return flight to think of and I didn't want anything to hurt her hearing on the way back home. The funniest part though was filling our prescription. We went to CVS or something and I was going to wait in the car with Alice since we had stripped her down to her diaper at the doctors and I didn't want to piss her off further by putting her pjs back on. So Tim goes in wearing typical beach attire, longer cut off jeans ( I hate to use the word jorts here, but they totally are) and a tank top. He fit right in for the area, as he grew up there and him alone was nothing to look at. I brought the white trash to our vacation when I came in wearing cuttoffs and a semi sheer tshirt over my bathing suit with a baby wearing only a diaper on my hip. We were like feral versions of ourselves, the only thing classing us up was Alice's cloth diaper. 
Let me tell you though, I am super impressed with how stoic Alice was when she was sick. She was the saddest thing in the world though to look at. Droopy, glassy eyes, expressionless face, listlessness. My poor baby, all she wanted to do was cling to my chest and be bounced on the yoga ball, barely taking advantage of the traction she could have had on the carpeting. After the initial refusal to nurse which had me panicked, it was all she would do (she would not eat), which had me panicked that  Crap, I hope I make enough milk still. I shouldn't have worried though, the above photos were taken when she was feeling a bit better after several days and look at her gut hanging over her diaper! This baby girl is doing just fine. She also got her spunk back (clear in that last photo) and was loving the beach. Gidget goes to Wilmington, I swear. 

Do I have to say it? Ladies and gentleman, photoshop by Tim Jones!

Straight chillin' on Mama's legs, water in hand and leg in the air. 

Entertaining the entire room.

(insert wolf whistle here)


Alice and Emmy began their vacationship in matching tanks courtesy of my mom. May it be the first of many!

Alice, Emmy and my niece Harper. Is that beanbag chair? Is it 1986?

Fearless in the sand and surf. 

My baby was born in the caul. According to fable this makes her drownproof. It also may mean she has control over the farmlands in her area. Whatever. 

Worn out. 

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