Thursday, June 14, 2012

40 Weeks

 40 weeks:

Well, Alice's crawling is in full force. Also, her pulling up, walking around things she is holding onto and trying to stand up on her own is in full force as well. It has been like a set of dominoes falling ever since she finally learned how to roll over. Everything is going so quickly that sometimes she is just starting to do something when Tim leaves for work in the morning and by the time he gets home she has gotten it down pat. It is so amazing to watch her think about how to do things and how carefully and determinedly she gets things done. I love the way she gets down from a standing position. No one showed her, one day she was bending in half and plunking down on her amply padded diaper butt and the next day she was squatting slowly and putting one hand out first before leaning forward to get into a ready-set-crawl position. It is so carefully unfolded and with such intent. She needs to be in that crawling position as quickly as possible because she knows every second counts when she is trying to catch a cat, which naturally is her very favorite thing to do! Scraps is pretty good about it and dutifully allows Alice to pat her (though sometimes Alice grabs a fistful of fur-meOW!) and Pablo is even coming around. Simone however, is like the invisible cat around here. Somehow she has been escaping Alice's notice by continuing to do exactly the same things she used to do and not reacting to Alice's presence at all. There is a life lesson in there somewhere I suppose. Or perhaps Alice has inherited Tim's observation skills (as reflected in the Kauai'i story where Tim was asked to take a photo of a guy and a girl, but he thought it was just a guy-and the photos reflected that- because the girl was already in place and apparently so very still that even though Tim was looking right at her and her boyfriend, he didn't see her until she moved to come get the camera back from him). She seemed observant enough during this weeks photo shoot anyway, I had to really wrangle and then quickly distract her from ripping down the backdrop. Here are some outtakes:
Take one: Devious hilarious good fun.

Take 2: Rumpling the bottom and becoming momentarily distracted by the tag on her diaper.

Take 3: Such a sweet photo, but the only one from the entire Raccoon set before we had to move on to maracas. Which reminds me, I have a good raccoon story to tell on here. Perhaps for her birthday. 

Kilroy was here. 

Sweet stripes and dots

...and floral sunglasses. 

Alice getting down so sweetly and then chasing the backdrop fabric. 

Pulling up like a champ. 

We got Alice a new toy. And it is awesome. And yes, it holds my weight. 

When Alice was crawling on the carpet at the beach house she was crawling like a normal child. Here on our hardwood floor, she was had to adapt to minimize slipping. This is how it is done, folks. Alice Jones, cat wrangler. 

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