Thursday, June 21, 2012

41 Weeks

41 weeks:

60 (and sometimes 90) is the new 30 around here! I am talking about minutes because ore often than not, Alice is now napping for longer than a half hour at a time, completely unassisted. Instead of scrapping together and being so grateful for any sleep she would condescend to take, I began keeping her awake longer than usual and just going for 2 naps a day (rather than the bakers dozen she would like to be taking). It is kind of like turning so far left that you eventually make a right, but lo and behold it is working. In the past week, Alice has taken more 'long' naps than she has in the past 6 months combined and I am beside myself with joy! And as a bonus, just when I thought she was about as delightful as she could ever be, our days are filled with 40% more delight- as she is more properly rested. SHe needs that rest now more than ever as well because she is a freaking hurricane when she is awake! A cat chasing, mom finding, magazine tearing, laundry pile unfolding hurricane. One of her favorite things is unstacking (and shaking) the clean diaper pile I am in the middle of folding. Another favorite thing is testing boundaries with what we call the 'danger corner'. You have one too, just around the tv where all the plugs and cords are-only our danger corner is really open because our tv is in the middle of the apartment with its back exposed and the cords are actually right by the cat toy bowl as well so it is all cables and cat spit. Alice loves sneaking over there (you can tell she knows it is frowned upon) and the other day she came across a long forgotten cat toy which, when cleaned, became her own. It is a 5" tall stuffed tuxedo cat that Tim bought as a joke because it looked like Pablo. It meows when you press its body and Alice is delighted to no end with it. The Mini P and Alice are super tight and she crawls all over the apartment with its tail in her hand dragging face first across the floor- and she wonders why they cats all run from her. 

Also in this week:
We baked Tim a Father's Day carrot cake. This photo is like an advertisement for Sloppy Baking. Look at Alice's posture! And you know that with the beaters at that angle I got batter ALL OVER the place. Whatever, it is hard to do things neatly one handed. 

We also hung around in the park all weekend because the weather was so lovely. Alice loves crawling to the edge of the blanket and pulling up the grass. 

...and then it got hot. Like 100 degree hot and we got to use the popup pool I got for just such an occasion. My mom sent Alice this adorable swimsuit and bathing cap in the nick of time. I really didn't think she would wear the cap, but she thought it was hilarious! I put it on her first and set her in front of the mirror and she stood up and got all close to it and then began laughing hysterically and hopping up and down. 

Sweet little hairs poking out the bottom. 

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