Friday, July 27, 2012

46 Weeks

46 Weeks:

Oh wow, these photo shoots have gotten exponentially more complicated since Alice learned to crawl. I am secretly hoping that (for the sake of this project) she doesn't begin walking until after she turns one, because I can't imagine how much more fleeting her 'still' moments will be. Even now, I am having to distract her with not one, but two toys and they have to be super loud toys that she can bang around while I try to get 4 photos of decent quality (which, obviously I am willing to compromise) before she crawls off to pull up on the side of the couch or tries to grab my camera from me. She is so fast. And in love with standing, so I imagine walking won't be too far off actually. This week Alice has become very interested in her feet. She loved them before when she realized she could put them in her mouth, but now she will be standing and try to put them on EVERYTHING. She will poke things with her toes, place things in front of her so she can step on them, and lift her leg up so she can feel the top of things. She loves having them tickled when she is sitting in her highchair and can't see what is going on because her feet are under the table. Alice is very into games and loves being surprised. We play chase all the time where I will run away from her and hide behind a nook or doorway and then peek my head out and catch her eye. She will take the bait and begin crawling after me, but when she gets close enough I will jump out in front of her and she squeals with glee as I run away and hide behind the next nook. Aside from Peek-a-boo, I would say it is her favorite game. The other day Alice began playing peek-a-boo with me-all on her own! She was freaking her mind by holding one of my striped shirts up in front of her face and eventually realized that she was blocking me from her line of sight. Then she pulled the shirt down and stated laughing when she could see me again (I was across the room). And then she would put it back up, and back down and laugh, laugh, laugh. It was the funniest thing!

Also this week: 

Alice and I helped Tim paint our kitchen table. Here she is using a Jedi mind trick to lure Scraps into her range. She does these crazy Go-Go Gadget arm reaches all the time. I'll be in the other room or something (but in her sight) and she'll just stop and reach out for me for all she is worth even though I am yards away.

Playing under our outdoor table.

 A juice box? All by herself? Oh my god, such a big kid, right?!

Well, it happened. She figured out how to climb into her toybox. 

We should try to find a ball pit somewhere. I bet she would love that. 

tears from lauren jones on Vimeo.

shower from lauren jones on Vimeo.

air1 from lauren jones on Vimeo.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Videos I forgot

I kept forgetting to post these videos of Alice. We were in Wilmington, NC and going to a Target. We do a completely different set of things up here when it comes to shopping. Alice is usually in a carrier of sorts (either Ergo or a wrap) so I have my hands free to hold a basket and carry the bags home. Our grocery store has really narrow isles and although they have grocery carts, it would be a nightmare to navigate one through the tiny, crowded shop. Plus just getting there: No parking lot, so I either walk with Alice in a carrier or walk with her in her stroller if it is hot, but I need hands to push the stroller and hands to carry the cart-or I guess I could lock up her stroller outside with a bike lock and put her in the cart...? See what I mean- things are different up here and the short of it is that Alice had rarely been in a stroller when we went to Wilmington a few weeks ago and had never been in a grocery cart. This video is the second time she was in one and I was ready with the camera because she was delighted to no end when the first time (they day before) and was yelling and squeaking through the shop while we loaded up. 

wakeup from lauren jones on Vimeo.

I think Alice is about 7 months old here and so charming. 

dirt from lauren jones on Vimeo.

I think she is about 8 months old and loves being on our back porch. 

svan2 from lauren jones on Vimeo.

More footage of Alice and her 'pony'. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

45 Weeks

45 Weeks: 

Oh my goodness, so much has happened this past week-both good and bad. To begin with, Alice is just hysterical in general. The way she interacts with Tim and I, noises she makes, how she plays, etc. it is all just very funny to me. I didn't expect to be able to see so much personality so soon, you know? Especially her sense of humor! I can see it in her eyes when she is about to do something that she knows is going to make me laugh and then she does it and anticipates my response and laughs with me. It is the most incredible thing to be communicating with her, or her communicating with me really, on such a basic level (very little common language here) and still really get  each other. On the other hand, her misery is just as apparent to me as well. After last week's follow and flap shriek moves I was ready for some smiles-and those smiles have teeth now, finally. A few days ago her bottom right front tooth broke though and then the very next day the bottom left front tooth followed suit. When I look in her mouth I see like 10 other places with tooth breeching signs too! But she seems to be more comfortable now that some of them have broken though at least. She is a bit bite-y though so my pinkie (and nipples) are a little skittish these days. Also, possibly unrelated to teething but important nonetheless, nursing Alice is like catching a giant trout straight out of a stream. It is like she wants to nurse while doing a dance aerobics class and skydiving. She is just so full of energy these days (as this weeks' photos reflect) and it has gotten her into trouble a few times. In general she is a very cautious baby when crawling and pulling up on things and we do watch her closely and try to show her ways to put her hands to hold on better and how to turn her body around so she eases off things feet first instead of head first. And also, neither Alice nor I are too fussed about small bumps and other learning yet potentially rough this-is-life-type stuff. But the other evening she was getting tired and a little sloppy with her moves. I deemed it bedtime, picked her up, changed her diaper for overnight and placed her in the middle of our bed so I could unpack a new package of her diapers (we cloth diaper during the day but she sleeps in a disposable). For the record, she is very used to our bed and knows it's edges. She has slept in this bed the vast majority of her life and we play in the blankets and pillows all the time. But this night, she was tired but wound up and I turned my back for a split second to put a coupon on the night stand and she went head first over the edge. It was terrible. I was standing a foot from her and turned back just in time to see the end of it-the impact. I scooped her up even before she realized anything had happened and was halfway through the apartment in a panic lap before she even began crying. And the crying wasn't even that bad, I think it scared her more than anything because she was totally fine. Our bed is exactly 18" off the floor and I had just moved a really thick rug (the braided one my grandma made) by our bed so she didn't hit hardwood or anything but it scared the absolute shit out of me. I was checking her joints and limbs to make sure nothing was broken or sensitive and everything had full rotation, I was shining a flashlight in her eyes every few hours through the night to make sure she didn't have a concussion and was watching her sleep to make sure her breathing was steady. She was thrilled  to be woken up with a flashlight in her face by the way but whatever, it had to be done. Ultimately she was totally fine, not even a goose egg or a red spot even! But ever since then we have been learning the word 'careful!' and practicing getting down off things feet first several thousand times a day. 

She is driving this thing all over the apartment, but I don't think she has her license.

Alice has always really been into sounds, but she gets delighted beyond description when you grab something noisy and just clang away! 

One of her new moves is jumping on everything. She does the same thing when we hang out on the bed, but she'll put her face into the blanket and jump horizontally until I tickle her. 

Blanket from lauren jones on Vimeo.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

And the Videos

noclimb from lauren jones on Vimeo.

All in all, this is actually a video of Alice not climbing. But you get the idea. 

full day from lauren jones on Vimeo.

I adore this video. It is so apparent to me how much language she is understanding, even though most of it is still so abstract to her just being sounds and tones and all. Over the past several weeks my interactions with her have become so much more grown up since she herself is, well, more grown up suddenly.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

44 weeks

43 Weeks:

 Whew! We have had a busy few weeks and it seemed like every Wednesday we had some sort of something going on that prevented me from posting on time. Rest easy, the photos were taken on Alice's weekly birthday but I just couldn't get my writing completed. But here we are, on time again! Oh my god, this is the face of teething. Just looking at these photos I can hear the noise she is making. For the past several days all Alice has done is follow me around the apartment and stop on her knees with arms flapping saying, 'ma ma maaaaa EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!' so I pick her up but then she wants to be down. And then back up, but not really. That girl has no idea what she wants! When she wasn't doing that routine, Alice began climbing-yes, before she is walking. We have these carpet covered stairs for the cats and naturally they are Alice's stairway to heaven (ie: kitties, or keedee's as she calls them). The other morning she was hanging out in front of them and longing to pat (or smack) Simone who was sitting at the top of the stairs and one foot in front of the other, a few missteps and hesitation then suddenly she was one step closer! She made it up that first step a few more times that day, but just like her snake hisses I have yet to get it on film. Even with her miraculous climbing skills, the most exciting thing that happened this week was just earlier today. Our cat Scraps somehow managed to catch a sparrow on our back porch (I desperately wish I had seem the capture-there were feathers all over the place) and then brought it inside and crouched under our kitchen table howling for me to come look at how cool she is. I was in the bedroom with Alice putting her down for her nap but had to interrupt the process to see just what the hell was going on in the kitchen, so I walk out with Alice on my hip and stop dead when I see just what the situation is. Quite the dilemma. Cat. Bird. Baby. I want to save the bird, but I don't want Scraps to drop it because then I will have a bird in the house getting it's bird germs all over the place- the places where my baby crawls and then puts her hands in her mouth- and I can't make the cat drop the bird anyway because I have a baby on my hip, a baby who will get mixed up in a potentially scratchy situation if I put her down near me, but she will scream bloody murder and be pissed as hell at me if I put her down in the next room because she wants to see what is going to happen just as much as I do. So here's what happens: I back up and put Alice down far into the hallway so it will take her a while to get to me. Then I bolt for the kitchen door, prop it open and grab a magazine to swat at Scraps in the hopes she will, bird and all, run out of the kitchen  and onto the back porch. Only Scraps drops the bird and it does one frantic round of the kitchen before flying directly out of the open back door! It was pretty anti-climatic to tell you the truth, as I was fully prepared to wrestle a wounded bird from our most feral cat, but after it was all over I looked back at Alice and her face was priceless! She had crawled to the edge of the kitchen and just watched the whole thing play out as the only three words she knows in her whole world ducked, dodged, and flew right around in front of her. Mum! Keedee! Burrr! Her eyebrows were up in surprise and she had a HUGE smile on her lips. That moment was created just for her. 

Also this week:

I love shortbread. And it turns out that Mamma's little baby loves shortening shortbread as well! Alice is awesome at watching me mix and bake things. 

 ...Not so awesome at watching me cut things out. A bit grabby to tell the truth! 

 Alice is distracted from teething pain by constant trips to our park. She loves pulling up grass and crinkling leaves.

And drinking from straws. We are really good at sharing smoothies in all this heat. 

With her limited vocabulary I try to give Alice opportunities to express her teething pain in other ways. Perhaps not my quietest idea, though she seemed to enjoy herself. 

 (ps. I am still trying to get the videos to work properly. I'll post them when I can)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

43 Weeks

43 weeks:

 Alice now says mama, kitty, bird (points at the birds too), roars like a lion, says wheeee! when we are pushing her around on her wheeled pony, and my personal favorite-hisses like a snake. My mom found a crochet book mark I had in second grade and brought it up while she was visiting. It is in the shape of a snake (though presumably supposed to be a bookworm) and Alice absolutely adores it. I named it 'Hiss' and we play a game where I slink it around making hissing noises while she tries to grab it. Then the other day she crawled into the kitchen, found Hiss and brought him over to me while whispering 'sssssssss sss'. The sweetest little snake noise you have ever heard! The other day Tim and I bought her a tiny green stuffed snake toy and she picked it up, began hissing and then poked it around in Tim's face trying to get him with it. It was adorable. She is also getting so close to walking and her new thing is pushing light weight pieces of furniture around while walking behind them. She began, completely out of the blue the other day and I caught it on video. You can tell from her face that she started by accident, then realized exactly what she was doing and became pleased beyond all sense. 

Alice is enjoying the Johnny Jump up again after several months hiatus. She is also really into making buh buh buh noises with her own hand now. 

Box of tissues= super fun. 

Alice Boxwalker. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

42 weeks

42 weeks:

To begin with, Alice said her first word this week. One morning she and I were hanging out in the living room and our cat Scraps walked by and meowed, then walked away. Naturally Alice was delighted and I said, 'Go get that kitty." Alice got down on all fours, said 'keedee!' and began crawling after her at lightning speed. Later that afternoon we were in a pet store getting bird seed to amuse the aforementioned kitty and they had an in-store cat (very common up here for every store actually, not just pet food stores-one of my favorite NYC things) and Alice said it again! If you can imagine this tiny little mouth, toothless (still!) and working so hard to articulate her very favorite thing to chase and grab. And grab she does. Last week Scraps was sleeping in Alice's high chair and in order to feed Alice lunch I had to kick the cat out, but she didn't want to get out and resentfully sat on the table in defiance, only to be not-so-gently patted by an over enthusiastic almost 10 month old-immediately followed by a surprisingly quick and hard tail pulling (which she totally deserved). 
Other than that, Tim and I are borrowing my grandparents car for the summer (thanks Bob and Jo!) and we decided to take a road trip to Woodstock. I found a charming little loft cottage to rent and we decided that we were willing to test out Alice's car seat anxiety on the two and a half hour trip up I-87. It was her first long car ride and her first pack and play sleeping experience and she was AMAZING! I am so happy to be constantly reminded of how far we have come in terms of Alice's flexibility, comfort, and independence. It has been an amazing thing to watch and I am really proud of how well she handled being in a new place-although truth be told, there is probably not a single person who wouldn't have been charmed by the cottage we rented. It was so sweet with painted wood floors, loft sleeping with handmade ladder and exposed ceiling beams. Just very peaceful and minimal, set back in nature (there was a bear, several deer and fireflies) but still walking distance from town. Tim and I had a wonderful time sitting outside and talking while Alice napped and then taking her hiking and swimming when she woke up. We all needed it. 

Also this week, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of Alice joyfully playing with her bunny (named Strawberry) in her crib. It marks the first time she has been accepting and happy in there. Big steps here people! 

The cottage we rented. 

On the car ride home with her banana tooth brush. 

Double packed, hiking with attitude. 

Beautiful trails and trees. 

Alice, waiting for Tim to come back from the car. 

In a serious mom fail, this photo was taken seconds before she got very excited, pushed hard on the screen door and fell out onto the floor mat (which, although made from stiff brush and wire, was cushioning Alice's noggin from conking the slate step). Lesson learned, make sure the door is shut all the way.

Toes in the river.

So pretty, right? 

Alice and the ladder she fell in love with. 

Alice and the river she fell in love with. 

Alice and her funny baby thoughts.