Sunday, July 1, 2012

42 weeks

42 weeks:

To begin with, Alice said her first word this week. One morning she and I were hanging out in the living room and our cat Scraps walked by and meowed, then walked away. Naturally Alice was delighted and I said, 'Go get that kitty." Alice got down on all fours, said 'keedee!' and began crawling after her at lightning speed. Later that afternoon we were in a pet store getting bird seed to amuse the aforementioned kitty and they had an in-store cat (very common up here for every store actually, not just pet food stores-one of my favorite NYC things) and Alice said it again! If you can imagine this tiny little mouth, toothless (still!) and working so hard to articulate her very favorite thing to chase and grab. And grab she does. Last week Scraps was sleeping in Alice's high chair and in order to feed Alice lunch I had to kick the cat out, but she didn't want to get out and resentfully sat on the table in defiance, only to be not-so-gently patted by an over enthusiastic almost 10 month old-immediately followed by a surprisingly quick and hard tail pulling (which she totally deserved). 
Other than that, Tim and I are borrowing my grandparents car for the summer (thanks Bob and Jo!) and we decided to take a road trip to Woodstock. I found a charming little loft cottage to rent and we decided that we were willing to test out Alice's car seat anxiety on the two and a half hour trip up I-87. It was her first long car ride and her first pack and play sleeping experience and she was AMAZING! I am so happy to be constantly reminded of how far we have come in terms of Alice's flexibility, comfort, and independence. It has been an amazing thing to watch and I am really proud of how well she handled being in a new place-although truth be told, there is probably not a single person who wouldn't have been charmed by the cottage we rented. It was so sweet with painted wood floors, loft sleeping with handmade ladder and exposed ceiling beams. Just very peaceful and minimal, set back in nature (there was a bear, several deer and fireflies) but still walking distance from town. Tim and I had a wonderful time sitting outside and talking while Alice napped and then taking her hiking and swimming when she woke up. We all needed it. 

Also this week, I woke up in the middle of the night to the sounds of Alice joyfully playing with her bunny (named Strawberry) in her crib. It marks the first time she has been accepting and happy in there. Big steps here people! 

The cottage we rented. 

On the car ride home with her banana tooth brush. 

Double packed, hiking with attitude. 

Beautiful trails and trees. 

Alice, waiting for Tim to come back from the car. 

In a serious mom fail, this photo was taken seconds before she got very excited, pushed hard on the screen door and fell out onto the floor mat (which, although made from stiff brush and wire, was cushioning Alice's noggin from conking the slate step). Lesson learned, make sure the door is shut all the way.

Toes in the river.

So pretty, right? 

Alice and the ladder she fell in love with. 

Alice and the river she fell in love with. 

Alice and her funny baby thoughts. 

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