Sunday, July 8, 2012

43 Weeks

43 weeks:

 Alice now says mama, kitty, bird (points at the birds too), roars like a lion, says wheeee! when we are pushing her around on her wheeled pony, and my personal favorite-hisses like a snake. My mom found a crochet book mark I had in second grade and brought it up while she was visiting. It is in the shape of a snake (though presumably supposed to be a bookworm) and Alice absolutely adores it. I named it 'Hiss' and we play a game where I slink it around making hissing noises while she tries to grab it. Then the other day she crawled into the kitchen, found Hiss and brought him over to me while whispering 'sssssssss sss'. The sweetest little snake noise you have ever heard! The other day Tim and I bought her a tiny green stuffed snake toy and she picked it up, began hissing and then poked it around in Tim's face trying to get him with it. It was adorable. She is also getting so close to walking and her new thing is pushing light weight pieces of furniture around while walking behind them. She began, completely out of the blue the other day and I caught it on video. You can tell from her face that she started by accident, then realized exactly what she was doing and became pleased beyond all sense. 

Alice is enjoying the Johnny Jump up again after several months hiatus. She is also really into making buh buh buh noises with her own hand now. 

Box of tissues= super fun. 

Alice Boxwalker. 

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