Wednesday, July 11, 2012

44 weeks

43 Weeks:

 Whew! We have had a busy few weeks and it seemed like every Wednesday we had some sort of something going on that prevented me from posting on time. Rest easy, the photos were taken on Alice's weekly birthday but I just couldn't get my writing completed. But here we are, on time again! Oh my god, this is the face of teething. Just looking at these photos I can hear the noise she is making. For the past several days all Alice has done is follow me around the apartment and stop on her knees with arms flapping saying, 'ma ma maaaaa EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!' so I pick her up but then she wants to be down. And then back up, but not really. That girl has no idea what she wants! When she wasn't doing that routine, Alice began climbing-yes, before she is walking. We have these carpet covered stairs for the cats and naturally they are Alice's stairway to heaven (ie: kitties, or keedee's as she calls them). The other morning she was hanging out in front of them and longing to pat (or smack) Simone who was sitting at the top of the stairs and one foot in front of the other, a few missteps and hesitation then suddenly she was one step closer! She made it up that first step a few more times that day, but just like her snake hisses I have yet to get it on film. Even with her miraculous climbing skills, the most exciting thing that happened this week was just earlier today. Our cat Scraps somehow managed to catch a sparrow on our back porch (I desperately wish I had seem the capture-there were feathers all over the place) and then brought it inside and crouched under our kitchen table howling for me to come look at how cool she is. I was in the bedroom with Alice putting her down for her nap but had to interrupt the process to see just what the hell was going on in the kitchen, so I walk out with Alice on my hip and stop dead when I see just what the situation is. Quite the dilemma. Cat. Bird. Baby. I want to save the bird, but I don't want Scraps to drop it because then I will have a bird in the house getting it's bird germs all over the place- the places where my baby crawls and then puts her hands in her mouth- and I can't make the cat drop the bird anyway because I have a baby on my hip, a baby who will get mixed up in a potentially scratchy situation if I put her down near me, but she will scream bloody murder and be pissed as hell at me if I put her down in the next room because she wants to see what is going to happen just as much as I do. So here's what happens: I back up and put Alice down far into the hallway so it will take her a while to get to me. Then I bolt for the kitchen door, prop it open and grab a magazine to swat at Scraps in the hopes she will, bird and all, run out of the kitchen  and onto the back porch. Only Scraps drops the bird and it does one frantic round of the kitchen before flying directly out of the open back door! It was pretty anti-climatic to tell you the truth, as I was fully prepared to wrestle a wounded bird from our most feral cat, but after it was all over I looked back at Alice and her face was priceless! She had crawled to the edge of the kitchen and just watched the whole thing play out as the only three words she knows in her whole world ducked, dodged, and flew right around in front of her. Mum! Keedee! Burrr! Her eyebrows were up in surprise and she had a HUGE smile on her lips. That moment was created just for her. 

Also this week:

I love shortbread. And it turns out that Mamma's little baby loves shortening shortbread as well! Alice is awesome at watching me mix and bake things. 

 ...Not so awesome at watching me cut things out. A bit grabby to tell the truth! 

 Alice is distracted from teething pain by constant trips to our park. She loves pulling up grass and crinkling leaves.

And drinking from straws. We are really good at sharing smoothies in all this heat. 

With her limited vocabulary I try to give Alice opportunities to express her teething pain in other ways. Perhaps not my quietest idea, though she seemed to enjoy herself. 

 (ps. I am still trying to get the videos to work properly. I'll post them when I can)

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