Thursday, July 19, 2012

45 Weeks

45 Weeks: 

Oh my goodness, so much has happened this past week-both good and bad. To begin with, Alice is just hysterical in general. The way she interacts with Tim and I, noises she makes, how she plays, etc. it is all just very funny to me. I didn't expect to be able to see so much personality so soon, you know? Especially her sense of humor! I can see it in her eyes when she is about to do something that she knows is going to make me laugh and then she does it and anticipates my response and laughs with me. It is the most incredible thing to be communicating with her, or her communicating with me really, on such a basic level (very little common language here) and still really get  each other. On the other hand, her misery is just as apparent to me as well. After last week's follow and flap shriek moves I was ready for some smiles-and those smiles have teeth now, finally. A few days ago her bottom right front tooth broke though and then the very next day the bottom left front tooth followed suit. When I look in her mouth I see like 10 other places with tooth breeching signs too! But she seems to be more comfortable now that some of them have broken though at least. She is a bit bite-y though so my pinkie (and nipples) are a little skittish these days. Also, possibly unrelated to teething but important nonetheless, nursing Alice is like catching a giant trout straight out of a stream. It is like she wants to nurse while doing a dance aerobics class and skydiving. She is just so full of energy these days (as this weeks' photos reflect) and it has gotten her into trouble a few times. In general she is a very cautious baby when crawling and pulling up on things and we do watch her closely and try to show her ways to put her hands to hold on better and how to turn her body around so she eases off things feet first instead of head first. And also, neither Alice nor I are too fussed about small bumps and other learning yet potentially rough this-is-life-type stuff. But the other evening she was getting tired and a little sloppy with her moves. I deemed it bedtime, picked her up, changed her diaper for overnight and placed her in the middle of our bed so I could unpack a new package of her diapers (we cloth diaper during the day but she sleeps in a disposable). For the record, she is very used to our bed and knows it's edges. She has slept in this bed the vast majority of her life and we play in the blankets and pillows all the time. But this night, she was tired but wound up and I turned my back for a split second to put a coupon on the night stand and she went head first over the edge. It was terrible. I was standing a foot from her and turned back just in time to see the end of it-the impact. I scooped her up even before she realized anything had happened and was halfway through the apartment in a panic lap before she even began crying. And the crying wasn't even that bad, I think it scared her more than anything because she was totally fine. Our bed is exactly 18" off the floor and I had just moved a really thick rug (the braided one my grandma made) by our bed so she didn't hit hardwood or anything but it scared the absolute shit out of me. I was checking her joints and limbs to make sure nothing was broken or sensitive and everything had full rotation, I was shining a flashlight in her eyes every few hours through the night to make sure she didn't have a concussion and was watching her sleep to make sure her breathing was steady. She was thrilled  to be woken up with a flashlight in her face by the way but whatever, it had to be done. Ultimately she was totally fine, not even a goose egg or a red spot even! But ever since then we have been learning the word 'careful!' and practicing getting down off things feet first several thousand times a day. 

She is driving this thing all over the apartment, but I don't think she has her license.

Alice has always really been into sounds, but she gets delighted beyond description when you grab something noisy and just clang away! 

One of her new moves is jumping on everything. She does the same thing when we hang out on the bed, but she'll put her face into the blanket and jump horizontally until I tickle her. 

Blanket from lauren jones on Vimeo.


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