Friday, July 27, 2012

46 Weeks

46 Weeks:

Oh wow, these photo shoots have gotten exponentially more complicated since Alice learned to crawl. I am secretly hoping that (for the sake of this project) she doesn't begin walking until after she turns one, because I can't imagine how much more fleeting her 'still' moments will be. Even now, I am having to distract her with not one, but two toys and they have to be super loud toys that she can bang around while I try to get 4 photos of decent quality (which, obviously I am willing to compromise) before she crawls off to pull up on the side of the couch or tries to grab my camera from me. She is so fast. And in love with standing, so I imagine walking won't be too far off actually. This week Alice has become very interested in her feet. She loved them before when she realized she could put them in her mouth, but now she will be standing and try to put them on EVERYTHING. She will poke things with her toes, place things in front of her so she can step on them, and lift her leg up so she can feel the top of things. She loves having them tickled when she is sitting in her highchair and can't see what is going on because her feet are under the table. Alice is very into games and loves being surprised. We play chase all the time where I will run away from her and hide behind a nook or doorway and then peek my head out and catch her eye. She will take the bait and begin crawling after me, but when she gets close enough I will jump out in front of her and she squeals with glee as I run away and hide behind the next nook. Aside from Peek-a-boo, I would say it is her favorite game. The other day Alice began playing peek-a-boo with me-all on her own! She was freaking her mind by holding one of my striped shirts up in front of her face and eventually realized that she was blocking me from her line of sight. Then she pulled the shirt down and stated laughing when she could see me again (I was across the room). And then she would put it back up, and back down and laugh, laugh, laugh. It was the funniest thing!

Also this week: 

Alice and I helped Tim paint our kitchen table. Here she is using a Jedi mind trick to lure Scraps into her range. She does these crazy Go-Go Gadget arm reaches all the time. I'll be in the other room or something (but in her sight) and she'll just stop and reach out for me for all she is worth even though I am yards away.

Playing under our outdoor table.

 A juice box? All by herself? Oh my god, such a big kid, right?!

Well, it happened. She figured out how to climb into her toybox. 

We should try to find a ball pit somewhere. I bet she would love that. 

tears from lauren jones on Vimeo.

shower from lauren jones on Vimeo.

air1 from lauren jones on Vimeo.

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