Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Videos I forgot

I kept forgetting to post these videos of Alice. We were in Wilmington, NC and going to a Target. We do a completely different set of things up here when it comes to shopping. Alice is usually in a carrier of sorts (either Ergo or a wrap) so I have my hands free to hold a basket and carry the bags home. Our grocery store has really narrow isles and although they have grocery carts, it would be a nightmare to navigate one through the tiny, crowded shop. Plus just getting there: No parking lot, so I either walk with Alice in a carrier or walk with her in her stroller if it is hot, but I need hands to push the stroller and hands to carry the cart-or I guess I could lock up her stroller outside with a bike lock and put her in the cart...? See what I mean- things are different up here and the short of it is that Alice had rarely been in a stroller when we went to Wilmington a few weeks ago and had never been in a grocery cart. This video is the second time she was in one and I was ready with the camera because she was delighted to no end when the first time (they day before) and was yelling and squeaking through the shop while we loaded up. 

wakeup from lauren jones on Vimeo.

I think Alice is about 7 months old here and so charming. 

dirt from lauren jones on Vimeo.

I think she is about 8 months old and loves being on our back porch. 

svan2 from lauren jones on Vimeo.

More footage of Alice and her 'pony'. 

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