Wednesday, August 1, 2012

47 Weeks

 47 Weeks:

Alice has really begun to understand me. All this talking I have been doing for the past 10 and a half months (and let's be honest here, while I was pregnant with her as well) has paid off! I can say, 'Alice, where is your duck?' and she will look for and then go get her duck. I can say 'Alice, what does a lion say?' and she will answer with a resounding RaaaAAAARR! She has been listening and squirreling the information away. Funny thing: I swear she said 'Damnit' the other day. Funnier thing: it was at our cat Scraps, whom I cuss at on a regular basis. I knew a day would come where I would have to watch my mouth and I am very sad to see that day finally arrive. Dollar in the swear jar soon folks. For both Alice and I, apparently. Or maybe I was hearing things (denial)? If only I could get my cat to understand as well as my daughter does... Alice has always been perceptive though. Nowadays when I am feeding her anything I need to really bring my A game because she just knows things. She has this thing where she suddenly doesn't like being fed with spoons. I guess it began a few weeks ago when she started wanting to be fed with big people spoons rather than her baby spoons, which I guess I can understand- but in reality I was pretty much eating with her baby spoons most of the time, if you know what I mean so I am not entirely sure how she noticed the difference, but noticing is one of her special talents so I am not really surprised. Alice is super big on sharing so she eats what I eat most of time (and with big people spoons and forks), only now she wants to do it herself. And she tries so hard. And she gets so pissed off- I know where those genes came from- when she misses. Cheerios are big around here at mealtimes, as they are the one thing that Alice can, without fail, get into her mouth on her own. I have to have 3 or 4 food options at mealtimes and with a glance or a Talk To The Hand gesture she lets me know what she wants and when. I can break up the game with a pile of Cheerios. She grabs a huge handful at will, just tries for a percentage of the prize and considers it a win if one manages to make its way in her mouth backed by an open hand and surrounded my falling o's. Cheerios EVERYWHERE! Not just the floor either, I changed her diaper the other day and found a Cheerio in there. And she was fully dressed when she had last eaten. Lord only knows.  

This is Alice's bunny Dandy. He is usually in her crib, but came out for this weeks' photo shoot as I noticed they have become rather fond of each other. He is named Dandelion after the storytelling rabbit from Richard Adam's novel Watership Down, but we call him Dandy because I tied a handkerchief around his neck and now he looks fashionable. 

Awwwwwwwww.... Love. 

This is how we play on the bed. It is hilarious. 

Finally! She is now up to the second step. 


Rain rain go away. 

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