Wednesday, August 8, 2012

48 Weeks

48 Weeks:

Alice has really been responding to books lately. When I found out I was pregnant with her, I began collecting all the books I can remember loving when I was a kid and I am so happy to see her showing an interest. It began with one, and then I pulled out all her books with thicker pages and set them up where she can grab them when she wants and she will sit down and turn the pages, completely absorbed for half an hour if she is in the right mood. Right before bedtime when we are winding down I can pull her into my lap and we will read her touch and feel kitty book (a hand me down from her cousin Harper). Alice knows all the spots you are supposed to touch and loves turning pages. When we get to the end of the book she flips it back over so we can begin again, which reminds me of myself with Golden Books-especially The Three Little Kittens. I can't wait until she is old enough to lay down in her bed and be read to each night before bed time. When she is not reading (or banging around on musical instruments), Alice is also really beginning to gibberjabber. Multiple syllables, loudly at me or the cats, or quietly just to her self, all day long. I just try to respond to her seriously and see if I can work out what she thinks she is saying to me, but most of the time I just want to smile and kiss her because it is so cute. Her little face is so very serious when she is clearly trying to tell me she is upset about a diaper change or when she wants more mozzarella cheese instead of the avocado I am trying to feed her. But really, the best thing about her is that she is so quick to laugh and tuned into things that are funny. Just earlier tonight while she was in the bath, I took her rubber duck and stuck a plastic suction cup bubble on its head (some other bath toy we have) and when she saw it she just looked at it for a minute, grabbed it from me and touched the bubblehat, then began laughing like a mad woman because she really understood why it was absurd. I mean, a rubber duck with a bubble as a hat? Hilarious!

Also in this week: 

Alice staring longingly at the big kids playing Follow the Leader at our park. Soon, my dear, soon! 

Hanging out with her books. 

 Sunglasses and coffee? They grow up so fast. 

We all went to Charleston for a few days! Tim had a work project in prep for the PGA tournament so we all stayed at a super swanky hotel on the beach. Alice continued her tradition of waking up at 6:02 am and waaaaay down on the courtyard green you can see her and Tim (the only people wandering around). 

 A bit later in the day, hanging out. 

 Alice was the belle of the ball in her sassy swimwear. We hung around at the pool and everyone was oooing and ahhhing over her swim cap. 

This girl loves the water! She was all over the place and after watching some big kids putting their face in the water, she dunked her own in and was started at her own daring (and lack of protective eyewear). 

This photo was taken moments before she let out a giant ROAR which could apparently be heard from 5 floors down. Everyone looked up and saw a caged baby channeling a lion. 

Caged, I tell you. 

Alice and her books. 

Just a little something we do around here. 

Flashlight fun and crib chomping. 

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