Friday, August 17, 2012

49 Weeks

49 Weeks:

It is so funny watching Alice do things. She gets something in her head and just goes with it. For instance, her little kitty touch and feel book (featured in last week's photos) has a page where there is fake fur on a kitty's stomach and it is sooo fluffy. When we are reading it she rubs her hand on it and then I put it somewhere unexpected, like her cheek or the bottom of her foot and she gets such a kick out of feeling that fur with something other with her hand. But the effects of this have been.... interesting. Alice now tries to step on the cats. She will pet them gently, as we have labored to teach her and then she will stand up and put her foot somewhere on the whichever cat she is closest to. Funny to me, not so much to the cats. This may not be entirely my book reading influence however, as Alice seems to be really interested in her feet and what they can do regardless of whether there is a furry cat belly in the vicinity. She is experimenting so much with what they can do and I feel like she will definitely be walking by her birthday, as she has been taking steps! The only thing that is holding her back from walking fully on her own is that she seems to want to be able to stand up with no assistance before she begins going for it. It is kind of like when she took so long to roll over (after the initial 7 week wonder rolls), she wanted to be able to go somewhere from step 2 before bothering to take step 1. She will be in the middle of the room with nothing around her and try to stand up with all her might. Her arms get into it, she squeaks and flails all around before going back down to her knees. But if I place her on her feet she tries to walk. She will take steps and be so freaking pleased with herself, but for some reason she won't just hold onto the coffee table or something and walk from there. That hasn't occurred to her yet, or maybe it has and it just seem like the easy way out? She is certainly a stubborn and determined little thing and however she wants to go about it, she will go right ahead so watch out world. Alice has plans (2 steps ahead) and she is working hard to figure out just how she can do them!

Also this week:
 I have to keep Pablo's monkey Diablo (he nurses on and carries it around like his baby) away from Alice as she also loves him. What is it about Diablo?

 This is her Little Mermaid crawling move. She twists and turns on her hips, then slaps her feet around before crawling off again. 

An unusually close moment with Simone, who tolerated it longer than normal- until Alice tried to pet her with her foot, that is. 

This is a manic version of Alice trying to stand up. If you can imagine her having a bit more control and  stability, it is pretty much what it looks like. 

She is so creative. 

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