Sunday, September 2, 2012

51 Weeks

51 Weeks:

Oh the words! Alice is in full on gibberish mode and it is hilarious. Perhaps she is experimenting more with tone and people's reactions rather than actually thinking she is saying things to me, who knows. All I know is that she can express most emotions now-extremely clearly. I was pushing her in the stroller the other day and she was just chatting away to herself quietly until I hit a big bump in the sidewalk. Her voice got really loud and direct and I am pretty sure she was saying, "Hey! Driver! Watch the road for godssake!" I also catch her whispering to her toys while she is playing with them, which is adorable, but second to her #1 cute talking time: in her sleep. She will smile, laugh, cackle, yell and whimper all while apparently completely unconscious. To be fair, Alice is an extremely active sleeper. She rolls all around, turns sideways and shuffles her feet around then gets on her belly and pops her butt up in the air and tucks her arms underneath her. I used to sleep like that, so I completely understand, but I have to wonder just what the hell she is dreaming about with all this motion going on? And the full range on emotions she expresses! I used to think that babies must dream about abstract things like colors or sounds, but judging from Alice's nighttime activities she may just be dreaming about starring in full-on Blockbuster action sequences. Complete with comedic relief, character growth, and romantic entanglement. I can't wait until she knows more words than Mama, Bopba (Papa), kitty, bird, ball, and a handful of others so she can tell me all about it when she wakes up!

Alice has recently found some body parts. Her nose, for example is a favorite, as well as her belly. I can say, "bellybellybellybellybellybelly" as quickly as I can and she will drop whatever she is doing and point at her tummy with her thumbs. This video is particularly funny as she sucks it in as if she were auditioning for Baywatch or something. 

I shouldn't be endorsing piano stepping, though Alice has been really into it ever since she witnessed Pablo using it as a leg up onto a bookshelf. We are just so proud of how well she gets down off of things! The bed, the steps, the piano, anything she gets up on she can get down from!

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