Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And then she was one...

Alice's birthday was on Friday and after we gave her her present (a stuffed lion) and Tim went to work I made her a birthday pancake cake for her to tear up and eat all by herself. 

She was rather dignified, I must say. 

She carries him all around, pulls him over her head and then crawls all over his back. FAO, the lion. 

But then came her party!

Tim made the invitations, obviously. And I made the food. 

These are miniature glazed lemon tea cakes. They were the size of a silver dollar and probably my favorite. The recipe had yogurt in it and was absolutely delicious!

I also made shortbread cookies, as Alice loves them, and I glazed some edible flower petals on the tops.

This is the beginning of Alice's actual birthday cake. I decided to make her a berry tart, so here is the crust about to go into the oven with parchment paper (difficult to find, apparently) and weighted down with beans because I do not have pie weights. 

For the beverages I made blueberry mint lemonade. Since we were hosting the event in our favorite park I froze some mint and then blueberries and then sliced lemons in the ice cubes to keep things cool. 

The making of the bunting was complicated. It is a good thing I have several years of cat-related diversions under my belt, as I had to employ the same concepts in order to keep Alice away from what I was actually working with. The only difference: Alice catches on more quickly than the cats. 

And here we are setting up in our park! You may have to click on the image to see it larger, but those are a million tea sandwiches you see on the table. Seriously, a million. I was so busy slamming those bad boys together that I couldn't even take a photo of the process. There were cucumber and dill on sourdough, pimento cheese on whole wheat, avocado eggsalad on 10 grain, and coconut chicken curry on raisin pumpernickel. 

Here is Alice's friend Ingrid. Alice is holding the jar of party favors, which were these magic mushrooms (very Alice in Wonderland) that were made out of wood and you could look though the bottom of the stem at the kaleidoscope mounted in the cap. Very cool. 

Sweet little so and so, one year old!

We also got a kick croquet set! Tim had made up different signs for things on the table saying, "DRINK ME", and "EAT ME" and for the croquet set it said, "KICK ME". Guess where he is aiming.... at a helpful Mike Dickey. 

This photo is amazing. Alice was crying because I had to intervene when she found my keys and was slinging them around. Then we lit her birthday sparkler on her tart and sang Happy Birthday, but you can still see a tear on her cheek glinting in the sun. It's her party... 

But she perked up. 

Sweet birthday girl. 

Alice and Faye. 

Sweet moment. 

Towards the end of the party our kick croquet set got taken over by some kids also hanging out in the park. We were happy to pass on the fun!

Also, some videos. 

The kitty book I am reading used to be mine. I remember picking it out at the bookstore in 1986. Alice adore it and carries it around with her during the day. 

This one is for my dad whose moo can call cows to a fence. 

Our days are mostly like this, only from 6am to 7pm. 

Alice totally gets mirrors. 

Alice is walking now! She began out of the blue the day after her birthday and is so very pleased with herself. I have a video of some of her first steps, but it is not a very good one. While I try to capture some better moments, enjoy this video of Alice's hindquarters trotting along while she uses her walker. 

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  1. Thank you for keepping this going for the year looking forward to some more as she gets older