Thursday, September 20, 2012

She walks! She climbs!

 This is Alice when Tim leaves for work in the mornings. He will come kiss her goodbye and she grabs onto his legs and tries to climb up his pants and into his arms, he will pick her up and hug her goodbye. Then as he heads out she follows him to the gate and they play peekaboo while he descends. Recently she has begun trying to climb the baby gate. Is it 'take your daughter to work day' soon?

 Alice and I in Central Park. I have a 20 lb baby strapped to the front of me, a 25lb bag of her crap on one shoulder and our Maclaren quest stroller on the other shoulder, easily 30 lbs. It appears this is the only way to take a baby out in the city via subway (with all of its stairs) alone. I think I deserve a massage. 

 ...but instead I got this when I stopped at our own park to take a break on the way back home.

 That is our park hawk. I haven't named him yet, but he seems relatively friendly (I am not testing this theory).

 We saved all the bread crusts from the million tea sandwiches I made for Alice's party and fed them to the pigeons, which I assume Alice thought was the best part of the entire affair. 

 Her new thing is climbing under her stroller.

Sometimes this is how we pick things up from the post office. Alice received an oversized heigh measuring ruler from my friend Tiff for her birthday and I missed the delivery so I had to go pick it up not knowing that it was 6 ft long. I am just glad that Tiff didn't spring for the 8 ft-future-basketball-star model. 

Her expression is priceless. 

Her new swing behavior. 

Everything is a noisemaker.

And proof. 

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